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Mutual Benefit Relationship

8 Mutual Benefit Marketing Tips that Improve SEO

If you want to build links through blogger outreach, you need to provide a mutual benefit to the blogger.1. Provide SEO Tips to the BloggerBlogger outreach is a give and take. If you’re always pushing content, and never giving back, bloggers will be missing out on any mutual benefi ...
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EDU links

How To Build .Edu and .Gov Links

In an industry where content marketing is king, the most successful blogger outreach establishes a mutual benefit: one that improves SEO for your client AND the blogger you reach out to.Effective Internet marketers already have the necessary skill set to improve the SEO of any blog. Yet, m ...
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How To Beat Cybersquatters

Cybersquatting does not only exist in the domaining world. Cybersquatting is rapidly occurring on other platforms, mainly social media accounts.Cybersquatting is registering, trafficking, or using a domain name with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone els ...
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Title Tags
Each blog post is like a book that gets placed on a bookshelf in a library with trillions of books. See how important it is to make your book stand out?Title tags are important because they play a significant role in the SEO of your webpage.Don't be a bland book. Excite your readers with creative Ti ...
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Twitter is a business dream and nightmare rolled up into one wonderful network.Twitter's viral capability allows users to promote both the good and the bad of business. From a marketing perspective, I'm in love. Users who are genuinely interested in my content will follow me, interact, and provide f ...
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