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Fake Following
In an era where your following is a billboard of your power (or influence), our weakness has become our overwhelming desire to keep up appearances.A recent Gartner study found that,"10-15% Of Brands’ Social Media Fans, Likes And Reviews Will Be Fake By 2014...About 1%-4% of social media interactio ...
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Social Media Relationships

8 Tips for Using Twitter for Relationship Building

Social media cuts down walls and increases your ability to become a relationship-building all star.But, social media shouldn’t be used to actually send a pitch (and if you can send a pitch in 140 characters, more power to you!) or for one-time communication. Rather, social media should be used to ...
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Blogger Outreach Research
Building the right foundation with a blogger starts long before you even send your pitch.Successful blogger outreach depends on relationship building. Not a single tweet or email, but a genuine interest in another person. This relationship building starts at the ground up, from the vertical to the b ...
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Mutual Benefit Relationship

8 Mutual Benefit Marketing Tips that Improve SEO

If you want to build links through blogger outreach, you need to provide a mutual benefit to the blogger.1. Provide SEO Tips to the BloggerBlogger outreach is a give and take. If you’re always pushing content, and never giving back, bloggers will be missing out on any mutual benefi ...
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