Why Your Social Media Bio is Bad for Outreach

December 4, 2012 by Kelsey_Libert - No Comments

You are your brand. But, is your brand always who you want to represent?

Whether you work for an agency, or you’re an independent, you’re constantly representing a brand. You’re proud of the name you’ve built up, or the one you stand behind; but, when does branding get in the way?

Choosing the Best Bio for Outreach

I’ve always touted the benefits of using social media for outreach. However, your branding dilemma stems from social media profiles.

For example, your Twitter bio is a 160 character summation of who you are to complete strangers. Well, who are you may not be the best representation for blogger outreach. Let’s consider the following bios, and what they mean to publishers.

A. “@KelseyLibert Blogger Outreach Specialist and SEO enthusiast for @XYZcompany”

B.  “@KelseyLibert dog lover and travel entrepreneur who is dabbling in life, liberty and the endless pursuit of happiness.”

C. “@KelseyLibert Speaker. Director @FractlAgency. Contributor. Best friend of a chocolate lab. Aspiring home chef. Entrepreneur seeking to broaden my knowledge, and yours.”

I’ve used each of these bios in my social media profiles. While each bio is very different, each one represents a slice of who I am. The question at hand is, “Who do I want to represent to publishers?” In that case, the winner is bio C. 

Bio A is great if you work for a reputable company, and you’re trying to network within your industry. However, a skeptical publisher may only see you as an SEO scam artist whose only focus is link building, not mutual benefit relationship building.

Bio B is good because it establishes the principle of liking. However, not everyone is a dog and travel lover; so, what else do you bring to the table?

That makes bio C the winner. Bio C is a well rounded representation of both your personal and professional self. It leaves out any reference to SEO tactics, and touts your best qualities and interest in others. It says you’re a professional, but also a human I could relate to.

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