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How Marketers Can Solve the Outreach Spam Problem

October 17, 2012 by Kelsey_Libert - 1 Comment

The following post is a series from my PubCon presentation, “Blogger Outreach and Relationship Building.”

In the last year, the adoption of content marketing has grown at an exponential rate. Due to the shake up by panda and penguin, it’s obvious that this white hat initiative should explode. But, what does the content marketing explosion mean for the publishers- the ultimate gatekeepers for your link generation?

Google Trends – Content Marketing

It means publishers are overwhelmed. The following Twitter conversation is with a Self.com editor. Like many of you, Anna is drowning in emails. She receives over 150 emails a day, yet she reads or glances at half. Unfortunately, your content pitch now has a 50% chance of just getting a glance, not even a thorough read – and that’s if you’re lucky.

At best, this editor glances at half of her 150 emails/day

If we take the time to pay attention, we see that publishers are making a public outcry. They’re taking action against your regurgitated content, and calling out infographic spam. If you continue to spam publishers with mismatched, regurgitated content, your name now sticks out as someone to avoid.

Stop spamming publishers, or you will become someone to avoid all together.

And no, this isn’t another Twitter rampage. These people are taking serious action by setting up keyword spam filters to block certain content pitches – especially infographics.

Editors are setting up keyword spam filters for content pitches

So, what do we do?

We work from the ground up to establish mutually beneficial relationships, around content these publishers care about: timely, engaging and new information that speaks to their audience. To do this, you can refer to part two of my PubCon presentation, “The Secret of Creating Ideas that Resonate with Your Audience