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Kelsey Libert (left) with father Jeff Libert (right)
Photo by Michael Dorausch

My Professional Story

Internet marketing was a family business I was born into. I was raised by Jeff Libert (above), a self-employed lawyer, Web Master World moderator and annual Pubcon speaker. My father is widely known for his significant domain portfolio purchased back in the 90’s. Hence, he needed to raise a family who could help him build his properties! Fortunately for me, my older brother went into the Chemistry field. Since 2007,  I have been the assistant cook and bottle washer for this diverse domain portfolio. In this role, I ran the content development strategy and execution for several websites, and counting. Over the years I have managed content production and promotion, PPC advertising, link development, search engine optimization, affiliate relationships and more.

Today, I serve as a partner and Director of Promotions at a boutique Internet marketing agency, Fractl. Here, I focus on delivering customized promotional strategies, which often has an unparalleled impact on campaign awareness, link-building, and search engine rankings. Fractl has done some amazing work, like increasing our client’s organic search traffic from Google by 271% in just three months. Fractl is a powerhouse when it comes to Viral Content Marketing campaigns.

Prior to joining Fractl, I developed a knack for creating and placing content, which led to featured placements on Mashable, CNN, The Huffington Post, The Motley Fool,, ESPN, .govs and many more.

In addition to my work with Fractl, I often write and speak about content promotion for several highly regarded industry publishers.

My Personal Story

In my free time I consider myself a chef, dog person and travel entrepreneur. I’ve made my way down the east coast, growing up in New Jersey, attending college in North Carolina, and now living in Florida. Any recommendations for my next move? Hawaii maybe?

I grew up playing soccer, swimming, lacrosse and basketball, so feel free to talk sports with me! If you’re interested in finding out more about me, feel free to introduce yourself on:

See Me Speak

A wise quote once read, “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Studies show, the thing we fear more than death, is public speaking. This year, I’m conquering that fear. By the end of 2013, I’ll be a five-time speaker at some of the industry’s largest Internet Marketing conferences. Thank you Fractl for encouraging me to pursue these opportunities, and giving me a position in which I have a voice.

Check out my upcoming speaking engagements:

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