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Why Your Social Media Bio is Bad for Outreach

You are your brand. But, is your brand always who you want to represent?Whether you work for an agency, or you're an independent, you're constantly representing a brand. You're proud of the name you've built up, or the one you stand behind; but, when does branding get in the way?I've always touted t ...
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The following is a recap of part two of my PubCon presentation on Blogger Outreach and Relationship Building.Seth Godin once said, "When everyone is playing the same game, your execution is critical." Well, we've proven that everyone is playing the content marketing game, so, how do you stand out?Yo ...
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outreach spam

How Marketers Can Solve the Outreach Spam Problem

The following post is a series from my PubCon presentation, “Blogger Outreach and Relationship Building.”In the last year, the adoption of content marketing has grown at an exponential rate. Due to the shake up by panda and penguin, it's obvious that this white hat initiative should explode. But ...
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Robert Cialdini on the Psychology of Influence

Brett starts off the talk by asking everyone in the crowd to introduce themselves to three new people. What a great way to launch into some early morning networking!Now, diving right into the keynote speaker. Somehow I managed to get front row, dead center seats to the Kickoff Keynote with Robert Ci ...
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